Monday, April 5, 2010

Yamaha Jupiter Z

Yamaha Jupiter Z

Your driving becomes so important, prepare your automobile maximum performance with a more sporty, dynamic and classy with a variety of motor options and a stylish car wheels, eye-catchy and stylish from Yamaha and Consort Ban.

Reliable in all areas with a futuristic design and excellent engine performance.

With the view that the more unique, sleek, sporty and expressive, Yamaha Jupiter Z appear more fascinating. Followed by leading technology from Yamaha, Water Injunction System (AIS) which function to control exhaust gas to be environmentally friendly. Yamaha Jupiter ZS is not only fast, nimble and efficient way to become your friend, but also a trusted friend to the environment and future generations of air pollution-free future.

Engine type: Cooler Engine, 4-step 2-valve SOHC
System Starter: Electric & Kick
Engine Oil Capacity: 1000cc (total replacement)
Fuel capacity: 4.2 liters
Tire Size: 70/90-17 38P (before), 80/90-17 44P (rear)
Weight: 99 Kg

Rp. 13,325,000

Rp. 12,925,000 (Save Rp. 400,000)
Rp. 666,500 x 24 months

Rp. 4,308,500 x 3 months = Rp. 12,925,000


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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Philips HTS 3105

Philips HTS 3105

Make Philips HTS-3105 to your new best friend while relaxing at home. With high quality technology Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Wide Spectrum Speaker System, the stylish compact can play DVD, VCD, so your favorite music with the best quality.

Turn up your experience with cinematic surround sound!
There are so many ways to relax. One of them by watching a favorite movie or listen to your favorite music.

Talking about watching and listening to music, the best one you find in depat Philips HTS-3105. The stylish compact is equipped with hi-quality features Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Wide Spectrum Speaker System, can play DVD, VCD, so your favorite music with the best quality with the convenience of unlimited Philips.

Real crowd of soccer games

Discover the visual and audio sensations differently through this technological sophistication. With the ability to record TV programs and 10 Teletext pages in a personal favorite Zapping and smart picture, you'll get the satisfaction of watching and playing video games as well which can be adjusted to display option 5 (Rich, Natural, Soft, Personal, and Multimedia). Equipped with flat screen technology that presents the appearance of the waves, watching your satisfaction more complete.

Philips HTS 3105

DVD, DVD_R / RW, DVD-R/RW (video mode), (S) VCD, DivX
CD, MP3, CD-R/RW & Windows Media TM Audio, JPEG
DTS, Dolby Digital% Pro Logic II Surround Sound
Wide Spectrum Speaker System
Karaoke function
12 bit/108Mhz video DAC

Rp. 2,199,000

Save Rp. 197,910

Greater enjoyment, more satisfaction with surround sound and progressive scan. Completely full of entertainment with DVD, VCD, MP3, CD and Picture CD. Elegant and powerful performance with Bass Boost and classy woody design.

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